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A visit to Marisa Barbieri’s Acetaia means becoming part of the history of a family with the passion it has always dedicated to the production of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena (ABTM).

You will be taken on an informative tour of the attic rooms where you’ll see the barrels of many woods: oak, chestnut, cherry wood, mulberry, juniper. The highlight will be the tasting of various types of our balsamic vinegar.

The visit of 30 minutes is free of charge and is held in English or Italian. A French tour may be possible by arrangement.

For information and bookings, please don’t hesitate to contact us on


Very interesting revealing!


We found it hard to believe that such a magnificient nectar existed in the world! Congratulations for maintaining with great patience the traditional process.


This has been a highlight of our honeymoon in Italy. Thank you yo Franca for your time and the generousity in opening your beautiful home to us.


You have introduced me to a whole new taste experience.


A visit to mamma Marisa casa is like a visit to the tunnel of time. No a thing is different than what it was a hundred years ago. Untamed by the pollution of industrialization and commercialization. It is a home full of the scent of balsamic vinegar, elegant and romantic, yet, at the same time, it's a home filled with the abudance of the passion of mamma Marisa for her vinegar “black gold”. Exuberant and unresting preserving the beauty of tradition in every drops!


Thank you for a wonderful tour. I will never forget the lovely smell in the attic. What a marvellous visit.


Thank you for what you told and showed us. You have opened our eyes and showed us that the traditional aceto balsamico is totally different from the aceto you buy in shops.


A most wonderful tour – very informating – absolutely unbelievable -excellence taste from an extraordinary woman.


This is my best experience with traditional balsamic vinegar. Thank you for such a great tour.


This was so wonderful! Thank you for this wonderful experience. This is a great art and tradition. There is nothing so great as a natural tradition that is passed down in a family generation to generation. I never knew that aceto could taste so sweet!


We are amazed by how great the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena tastes!


Dear Marisa, thank you for your wonderful work to produce the traditional balsamic vinegar. Please continue to share the quality and joy to people who enjoy and appreciate the traditional manufacture. God uses you to let us taste this honey-flavoured vinegar.


The most touching point: vinegar is not only delicious, but a redline to hold together the family members. We'd like to be your loyal fans. We hope that tradition will leave forever.


Wow! I have never tasted anything so good!