Modena, April 2020

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Modena, January 2020

Marisa Barbieri's Traditional Balsamic Vinegar has been awarded gold and silver medals and two TOP50 awards at the 2020 International Taste Award.

International Taste Awards is a prestigious high quality food and drink competition.

Marisa Barbieri's "acetaia" has been awarded with two top prizes certifying the excellent quality of its products:

Our ABTM has been subject to a rigorous evaluation procedure, which involves careful blind tastings assessed by judges selected among the best food and drink tasters, sommeliers, chefs, food and wine jopurnalists and gourmet enthusiasts.

Both products have also been awarded an additional prize: the Top50 Award, an intra-category recognition given to the TOP50 products in the competition each year.

These important recognitions testify the value of our products.ITA ABTM DOP Famiglia EXTRAVECCHIO

Gold medal + TOP50 Award have been given to our ABTM D.O.P. Extravecchio Family Reserve which canbe purchased at our on-line shop. Stemming from passion, dedication and the skills of three generations of expertise. This product is the top of the range in our "acetaia".

Silver Medal + TOP50 Award have been given to our ABTM D.O.P. Extravecchio Cherry Wood Special Selection which can be purchased at our on-line shop. It comes from the skilful union of cooked must with cherry wood. It is part of a battery set up back in 1950.