Traditional balsamic vinegar artisan production.

The 'Acetaia'

In the attic of her family home in Modena, Marisa has cherished with passion and wisdom the inheritance left by her father Gino: 24 batteries of precious balsamic vinegar made up of 150 barrels, which date back to the late 19th century.

Priceless bottles of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena (ABTM) are produced from these barrels. Its quality is controlled and approved by official consumer protection bodies, and the D.O.P. label (in english, P.D.O. Protected Designation of Origin) ensures that it adheres to strict regulations governing local production and packaging.

Each of the little bottles is like a journey back through the centuries: the ancient tastes of Modena and its countryside. Marisa’s balsamic vinegar is not only a unique condiment, but also a way of sharing the history of her family, a family that has given its all to preserving the tradition and excellence of the product.

Over the years, Marisa Barbieri's Acetaia has not only won many official accolades that prove its excellence, but it has also had countless tributes from people from all over the world who have visited her attic and tasted the remarkable, fragrant nectar.